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Beijng on Fuji

I’ve been working on a chinese feature film recently, that’s how I got the chance to visit that highly interesting and really different country. Although I didn’t have too much time to shoot I brought home some pictures and my new camera. A Fuji X-Pro 1 with a very nice 35mm/1,4 Lens. I really hope next time I’ll be able to shoot more!

On the way to the camera market. Afraid of getting tanned too much.

Unboxing the new camera ;-)..

First shot (roughly), Annie Leibovitz is behind the counter…;-)

So good to have digital maps nowadays!

On our way to the forbidden city I learned that plastik surgery is a big thing here.

Typical tourist shot, but I felt like it!

Around the Tian’anmen Square a lot of people carrying chinese flags..

..all ages…

She suddenly throw herself into that pose when I lifted my camera, not shure what it meant

While the soldiers were marching, the guy in front tried to find food in the trash…

…I was a bit surprised that nobody cared about him picking trash, right in the middle of the famous “Forbidden City” monument.

Marching in other shoes.

Not so happy ;). Hippo being portrait by Ting. Both were on the film as well. Operating and focusing the B-Camera

The whole area is packed with security cameras….

…but nobody cared about him ;)..

Maybe he wasn’t on the list.

Modern China.

..with a lot of self!.

Back in our hotel 1st AC Chris trys to figure out a plan for later.

We checked out the arcade hall, awesome!.

Our DoP Xax, waiting for the slowest waiter in China, thinking..

At the hot-pot place. Dirty windows are great!.

Later that day, I tried to take some shots from the hip, which is kinda difficult to frame with the 35mm(x1.6=52mm)

But it works after some training..

Just hanging around

I think he just did it four tourists, but watching him writing for a while made me sort of relaxed.

Beijng at night. 1600 ASA is more than enough, most of the times.

Rich people litter and drive foreign cars, poor people pick it up again to afford an old bike. Over simplified I know…

Lonely or totally interacting with other people over social networks?

At the night market. Super good food and f2 at 400 ASA, yeah!!!

When “heavy-reggea-rock’n’roll” meets “sweet-ska-music”.

Friends of mine presented their new CD “Tanzbar” with an awesome concert. The Band is called “PBH Club” and they were supported by “Da Honk”, who are also long time friends of mine. Great evening!!! And, the Fuji proofed to be well suited as a candid and very light, live action camera. Of course not as fast as a modern DSLR, but if used right, you can archive really nice results. Judge for yourself.

Not everybody was ready for the concerts, I guess they felt more like talking.

The guys at the toor were definitely ready, to hand out and share welcome drinks ;).

Although the sound guy wears a limp bizkit shirt, the evening started out with a great performance by “Da Honk”.

Let’s go!.

The guys were rocking hard!

And it was really hot!

After an intense warmup, the stage was handed over to….

…the main act of the evening. Still preparing backstage.

Welcome to the (PBH) club.

Gladiators on their way to the arena.

Demanding crowd participation.

One of the nicest drummer shots, I think. I was lucky that I could move freely on stage.

Having fun at the bar.

Some shots look a little staged to me or even “studio” but I guess it was just their outfits, white background and the light

I like the style…

And I think she really likes somebody!

Some action…

… with silver confetti.

So glad I had my Fuji ;).

I know their shows for some time now. At some point they sit down with the crowd….

…and then everybody, JUMP

Did I mention it was super hot, about 36C°

Thanks for the show.

I like the bra hanging on the shirt. And by the way, their new CD is called “Tanzbar”.

Not shure what they discussed but it looks somewhat serious.

Show’s over, cheering and packing equipment.

The video crew packed up as well. Nice shirts, “smile now!” on the front and “we’re shooting!” on the back ;).

And a little posing with “Da Honk” frontman Stefan.

Da Honk on the lift, in the rain!.

Chillout conversations after the show.

VIE on VC 400


Production assistant Max after a long week..

Dennis and Luisa enjoying car racing games on my phone..

Some people have a strange way to prepare their meals.


We took this trip in 2011, but it felt like the 70’s.

This small statue is supposed to be 400 years old!

Everyone has a boat garage around the lake…feels strange if you aren’t used to it.

On our way back home. Sometimes it’s beautiful to take the train!

Weinwandern (wine hiking around Vienna)

Hard to find the vinyards

Arrived at the vinyard

At the “farmers golf” challenge!

Hey that was a swish!

Right in the middle of the action.

The crowd.

Rookie of the day!

We had wine

And not too little of it!

Sun, lovely people and wine…love is in the air!

Even the drivers were happy!

Although we blocked the roads sometime for a spontaneous group picture

Vienna Streets

Have champain while being on the public phone!

Mostly Mozart……mostly

Black window dummy, black colored humans

Sundown at Nussdorferstrasse

mostly mozart….Vienna is full of that!

I’m still confused about the meaning

Let’s have a beer

Karibik Reisen

What a background! Nice structure.

Whatever it is, it’s just not allowed!

Impuls Tanz LOOK

munich streets again

…I took the train from Vienna to Munich so often, but never had anybody to play cards with…

Arrived in Munich. The first intereesting encounter.

Travelers discussing at the ticket machine!

I really wondered what she was looking at, but I didn’t find out. Still I like it somehow.

At the “Alte Pinakothek” – Art museum…

Not a single face in the frame and it’s soft, still I love it for the pose and the nice old cloths on the drawings.

Not everybody is interested in the art on the walls.

Later that day I found the fancy dressed traveler again!

I followed her a bit and she brought me to the backside of the munich art school where I found…

Art outisde.

An incredibly packed vintage store in Munich on the “Hohenzollergasse”.

Training to be fast with my camera…

Went to buy a new lens and took a quick snap of Hannes with the fisheye (which I didn’t buy)

Felix, Hannes brother, in the elevator


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